Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Episode 9 – Electric Vehicles – Ricin Watch Edition

Hey guys! So, in lieu of a Breaking Bad retrospective podcast we're giving you something better. Go ahead, press play, and find out what could be better right now!  On this episode, Justin and Brandon discuss the CAST history, and give you an archived episode of the CAST.  We wanted to show you what we do and how you can stay in touch with us.

Don’t despair.  WE WILL DO MORE BREAKING BAD PODCASTS.  Six more podcasts in fact!  Our new goal is to do one podcast a season (two for the 5th season).  Listen for more details.
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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Episode 8 - Ricin Finale - Breaking Bad

Listeners, hello.  Yeah it's done.  It's gone, it's all gone.  How are you feeling?  Kind of under the weather, like you've got the flu?  That would be the Breaking Bad Finale you watched.  It's over listeners. Well, Goodbye.

Wait, it's not goodbye yet!  We will be recording more and more podcasts. Don't worry.  The CAST will not go away, even though our favorite show has.  So click listen and enjoy.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Episode 7 - Ricin State - Breaking Bad

Episode 7 Ricin State

Hey guys!  We recorded the bizarro cast tonight with the help of Baja.  Sorry for the shitty sound quality. We promise to make it up to you next week!



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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Episode 4 - Rabid Ricin - Breaking Bad

Hey to all the new listeners out there!  Thanks for listening guys.  Today we discuss Rabid Dog.  Breaking Bad keeps on delivering excellent television and this was no exception.  Listen in as we discuss the changing character dynamics of our favorite baddicts, theorize on Jesse’s plan to destroy Walt and allow our Guest Baja to make as many racist jokes as possible.  Come on in and get your fill of Ricin on the Ricin Watch!

Breaking Bad' Mexican Restaurant Reports Surge in Tableside Guacamole Orders
submitted 1 hour ago by mikeb3rd96DBAA
There's one specific theory, about Walt taking on the attributes of people he's killed including Gus Fring and Krazy-8, which I wanted to ask you about. Was that intentional?
"That one was purposeful, yes. Specifically in regards to Gus. I would say at this point it's not looking like we're ever gonna see anyone as smart as Gustavo Fring. He was actually, I think, smarter than Walt, and yet Walt defeated him. It was like, the guy who shoots down the Red Baron has to tip his wings, drop the bouquet of roses and say, 'I was lucky to have bested you because you are the better man'. It's that kind of a thing. So yeah, he takes on those traits, I think subconsciously."


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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Episode 3 - Ricin Confessions - Breaking Bad

I have a confession for all of you… Breaking Bad is friggin awesome.  Especially when we get such heavy hits of Ricin.  I don’t think you could pack more ricin into this episode if you had a Russian Ricin Umbrella.  So, come on and gather round, Walt is about to tell you some bullshit.  Just hit play.  
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Hank and Marie watch the VMA’s
too many fucking videos like this

Eating Bad:

IF BB had Dexter writers -
Jessie: My weed is gone! Did Huel take it?
Voiceover: Could he have taken the Ricin cigarette?!
Ghost Gale: Looks like Walter tricked you Jessie.  There’s no telling what other lies he’s told!
Jessie: Could Walt have done this?  I need to be sure
(Confirmed, Walt lied to you).

Vehicles as Souls???  danomano65
Walt and Jessie’s cook had a soul of its’ own - RV
Walt continually wrecks his car (his soul) and eventually sells it for next to nothing
Much business begins in the junk yard which is littered with abandoned souls
runs a car wash cleaning souls

Skyler Op Ed Piece

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